Roubo Delivered

This is the second Roubo bench that I have built this year;  this one was for a local high school.  The top and legs are made from laminated douglas fir.  The vise block is from a nicely figured piece of ash.  The initial dimensioning was done with machines, but all of the joinery (12 drawContinue reading “Roubo Delivered”

Cabinet Doors

I have been building some doors for a built-in cabinet and bookshelf project.  Each corner of these doors are held together with something called a haunched mortise and tenon joint.  So what is that and who cares anyway?  Well, a joint is any place where two pieces of wood connect.  Joints can be super, duperContinue reading “Cabinet Doors”

Shop Update – 11/14/18

Winter is here in Wisconsin, albeit a month early.  Fortunately planing boards and chopping firewood has been keeping me toasty.  I’ve been working on a order for some Roubo-style workbenches for a local school–the same place I built the arcade for.  If I wanted to feel like a factory worker on the production floor IContinue reading “Shop Update – 11/14/18”