Shop Update – 11/14/18

Winter is here in Wisconsin, albeit a month early.  Fortunately planing boards and chopping firewood has been keeping me toasty.  I’ve been working on a order for some Roubo-style workbenches for a local school–the same place I built the arcade for.  If I wanted to feel like a factory worker on the production floor I could make the parts for all the benches at the same time.  But I don’t like to work that way.  I make each piece individually.  Today, I am flattening the bottom of a bench top–by hand.

planing bench

Could I use a power planer to do this?  Yup.  But that would be loud, dusty, and far less enjoyable.  I am reminded about a line I heard once about wearing shoes: If you always wear shoes, the world is paved in shoe leather (or sneaker rubber, or whatever).  All wood feels the same if its just being run through a machine.  I want to experience the wood.  Rather than annoying dusty dust, here is want a hand plane produces:


Awesome stuff.

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